Thursday, March 31, 2011

Remembering Miracles Still Happen!

Our church has joined over 700 of our sister churches across the nation for a 40 day period of fasting and prayer called Focus 40! Yesterday, one of our churches in Waco sent out a story about a miracle in their pastor's life. Here is what he wrote:

“My co-pastor, wife and a few others began fasting early to prepare the way for the rest of the Church for the Focus 40 Fast. I hadn't been feeling well and thought it had something to do with the fast. After several tests, including an ultrasound, I was diagnosed with liver cancer. They showed me the mass in my liver/prepared me for the worst.

Eight days later, as we started Focus 40, I had more tests, including an MRI. I had a great peace, but honestly, I didn't expect what would happen that day. The enlarged liver, tumor in the right quadrant, grade 4 cirrhosis, and highly elevated liver enzymes and protein levels were ALL gone!

Because of Agent Orange exposure during my tours in Vietnam, I had cirrhosis and an enlarged liver, diagnosed in 1982. Not only did Jesus heal me from the cancer, but also He gave me a brand new liver! I brought all of my lab work into the Church and showed the people, as Paul said, "so that you might believe." Every day during Focus 40 we are hearing reports of miracles!”

Do you believe that God has worked in Waco? I sure do!

Do you believe God can work in Pasadena and in your life in miraculous ways as well? I sure do!

Here is a question for all of us: Where are we praying and looking for God to do something miraculous in our lives? To paraphrase a line from Jesus, do we "have not because we ask not?"

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