Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Do you delight in God’s people and His Church?

I ran across an interesting story the other day that makes a great point:

A Christian once visited a farmer to talk to him about Christ. "I wouldn't come to church up there." the farmer said. "I know old So and So church goer who claims to be a Christian and So and So who attends church there who claims to be a Christian and they don't live any differently from me. I'm as good as they are.”

Everywhere the farmer went he told about the hypocrites in that Church. Months passed and the Christian brother went to see the farmer again.

"I want to buy a hog,” said the Christian. The farmer showed all his best hogs to him. Then they came to the runt. "I believe I will take that one" the Christian said.

“BUT you don't want that one. He's the worst runt to the litter,” replied the farmer.

"I sure do" said the Christian. So they loaded the runt in the truck.

"Now," said the Christian "what if I take this pig here from your farm and ride all over this area telling folks that this is the kind of hogs you raise?”

"That's not fair!" the farmer exclaimed. "I have some nice hogs and you want to show people that runt?!”

To which the Christian replied, "If it's fair for the church it's fair for the hogs!”

It doesn't take much effort to find fault with the church, but it DOES take a lot of effort to love her and the people who are a part of her. Instead, if for no other reason than because Jesus commands us to do so, we need to re-orient our lives so that we can come to lovingly delight in the church.

Let's start that conversation today by sharing some of the blessings we have received by being a part of God's people, the Church. How have God's people blessed your life? How are you being a blessing to others.

Share those stories of blessing this week.


  1. I am always blessed when I work in Kix. The children are so full of life and energy. Working with the same age group that I teach regularly also helps me have ideas to help the children stay focused. My leader in the group is always prepared and encourages me as well.
    I enjoy having my children get involved in my class, by having them draw a picture to help someone feel better who has lost a loved one. I really appreciate the prayers prayed by members of the prayer team. I came to the conclusion one day while sitting in the congregation that if I have not made connections that are lasting, it is not anyone else's fault. So, I decided to invite others to go out to lunch after church with me. It is a start.

  2. These are great questions. I did a sermon series on them in 2010.